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Thread: how to avoid jac-ins in popeye????

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    Default how to avoid jac-ins in popeye????

    hey guys, i'm trying to find out how to avoid jac-ins in popeye in the big bonus round, anyone have any tips??? I read the info on GAKU's site, but i'm looking for specific tips for POPEYE???? Can anyone venture a guess???

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    Default Re: how to avoid jac-ins in popeye????

    Hmm, lets see...

    You have three buttons that can effect the outcome of the game. If you push them from left to right, you hit Jac symbols every time. Since you seem to resist just sitting down and playing the game, we'll break this down for you.

    We know that L C R (Just to eliminate the obvious next question Left, Center and Right) won't work.

    So this leaves you L R C -- C L R -- C R L -- R L C -- R C L

    Now you're asking us to tell you which of these specific combinations will avoid a Jac game. Sorry, we're not going to tell you. You have a homework assignment. Please report back the correct sequence once you've discovered it and I'll give you your grade.
    Meanwhile, somewhere in Oklahoma.

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