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Thread: Manuals ?

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    Default Manuals ?

    Just bought my first two Pachinko machines from 777 Heaven, well happy with them, trouble is there seems to be buttons and switches etc all over that I havent a clue what they do (both on the front and on the back) Ive seen mention of GAKUs manuals here and there but no links, could some one please help me out.
    Ive heard that you can alter the chances by altering the pins on the playing surface, is there not a way of altering the win chances of the reel spins ?, thought this way would be a true way of increasing or decreasing percentage payout, just like you do with the pachislo's

    Im looking for user guides or manuals for
    Pink Panther
    Lord of the Rings.

    might make them a bit easier to play if ive an idea whats going on,

    PS many thanks to Steve, his dad and his sister from 777Heaven in the UK for helping me out and being patient whilst I decided what machines I wanted, also for a very good price.

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    Default Re: Manuals ?

    hi buddy congrats on the machines gakus manuals are mainly for pachislo but you will find them at cant link you direct because of the way the site is set up but they there under a heading on the left hand side as for the buttons post a pick with the buttons your looking for highlighted or marked or discribed and we will help you as some buttons arnt used on that perticula game as the cabinets are used for many games some buttons are only used in the parlors to call an attendant and some do strange things the only way of altering play is by nail bending
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    Default Re: Manuals ?

    It's pretty tough to find pachinko manuals in English especially for particular machines. The only thing really you can do is refer to the Japanese sites:

    Lord of the Rings:

    Pink Panther:
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    Default Re: Manuals ?

    Quote Originally Posted by longsider
    Im looking for user guides or manuals for
    Pink Panther
    Lord of the Rings.

    SANKYO & Fever The King Error Display here is the same error code

    Check out some of the others they are simular
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