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You know what...after researching a little more ...I'm thinking your sensor (U-918PD) is different than what I've been describing.
I think you will need to pop open it to see what's inside. It should be easy to just carefully pop the side with the 918 on it, off the other half.
According to an very old thread, it shows your mech and sensor in post #12 made by "Flippers" back on 2-05-14.
You cannot post in an old thread that is that old, but you can still open the thread and read all the posts and see the pictures.
Here is the link to that older thread. I'd read ALL of it before you attempt anything. Check it out and then get back with us here.

Here's the old thread I found: You may have to copy and pasteit in your browser if it's not clickable.


Drunkenclam...what do you think ?
tried one more time to test this showing nothing on mother board , pulled it open and here are pics from inside top and bottom. NOTE= when I plugged in to try and test with just mini board removed from housing know I am getting a blarring alarm like the coin mech has been removed ? That is a new problem as it does not stop even if I plug in the coin mech.