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Thread: NewGin Furious Gaou - Ball Tank & LED Play Field

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    Default NewGin Furious Gaou - Ball Tank & LED Play Field

    My Furious Gaou is now up and running. Thanks to all for the help. It seems to be playing and paying out as it should. I still have a couple of issues:

    1) As Drunkenclam pointed out in my previous post; the rear ball tank is missing. I've searched for one online without luck. If any forum member knows where I might find/buy one, I'd be grateful for the information. Failing that, I'd like to make/use something to simulate the tank. It's a pain feeding the balls into the tracks all of the time. If anyone has any ideas of what I could use or pictures of an existing tank that I could use for a pattern, I'd appreciate the feedback. See images 01 and 02.

    2) The LED numbers/letter R on the play field never change. I'm assuming they should do something during Wins and/or Payouts. See image 03.

    This is not an issue but just throwing it in. I thought the play field looked a bit dark so I added a 24v LED strip underneath the inside, upper section of the window frame. I threaded the wire to the rear through an open vertical slot on the upper left corner (door open). It made quite a difference to the brightness of the field, especially in a darker room. I wired it to the output wires of the transformer (before) the machine on/off power button. That means they do stay on as long as the machine is plugged in (or the surge protector is on) I'll change that to a 24v source after the on/off button when I find one. See image 04.

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