Quite curious since pinball which is a major hobby typically don't have seats around and so do many common arcade games esp the ones with joystick and buttons face buttons layed out on the platform beside it at least in the West. Why did pachinko opt to have seats as the standard? I mean even early slots did not have seats and you cans till find a lot of slot machines in public places like gas stations and malls without any seats at all and you can find at least a few casinos in Las Vegas with a couple of machines without a seat in front.

Why did pachinko make complimentary seats the industry standards to the point that even outside parlors and the special seats that are nailed to the ground in front of the machines thats the default in gambling places, you can find separate regular chairs in front of the cabinet in say a bar or arcade or some other public non-gambling places in Japan?

In Japan are the any gambling venues with stand alone pachinko without nailed to the ground seats in front of the cabinets? As I said even within Las Vegas casinos, its not considered abnormal to have 4-10 slot machines without any seats at all in front and players will have to stand (even though seats literally attached to the ground is the norm for slots in casinos).