Hi there,

I'm new to this website (just made an account a few weeks ago) and this is my first post.
I recently purchased a Silent Hill Pachislo from a seller on Ebay. Upon receiving it, i hooked it up to a step down/up converter and it booted up no problem. I made sure to read through the entire manual (had to use google translate, because it was all in Japanese) and I did the setup that it told me to do which was turning the settings key and setting up the payout and all of the that, to get it out of reset mode. The issue i am now running into is that i'm not able to play the dang thing! I checked all of the buttons and the sensor lights light up, so everything seems to be working correctly, checked all the wiring and made sure nothing was loose, and there were no error codes popping up during my inspection of everything. I am not sure if this machine is still a token operated one or not but just in case, i inserted the appropriate tokens and they just spat out the front into the coin payout bin. I also put a bunch of the tokens into the hopper but that didn't do anything either. I will point out that even after doing the setup to get it out of reset mode, I am still getting the ready light on "insert credit". I can supply pics of any part of the machine and manual, just let me know. I also messaged the seller to see if they have any advice on what I could do, but i am waiting to hear back. Thanks.