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    Default Sammy/Satomi miracle arrangeball

    I just picked up this “1940’s plinko” Miracle Sammy/Satomi across the street from the Anderson County Correctional Institution here in beautiful NC. It’s a bit rough and has been stored somewhere very dank/damp as it’s obviously has lots of mildew and crud, rust, ect. It will be a miracle if it works… But, for $90 I figure it’s worth a shot in the dark at fixing it up, I’ve restored a similar rough looking Isuzu, and worst case scenario I sell it as a “project” or part it out. Plan is to clean it up decent enough to test it properly, find out if it everything works or not, if so restoration time! If not…will check around for an electronic repair guru who wants a challenge.

    Huge thanks to Bowl897 for tipping me off on this lead hours after it was posted!

    This one was “hidden” on FB as you had to search by “plinko” to find it

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