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Thread: looks like at least 6 ROMs in this CR Sammy

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    Default looks like at least 6 ROMs in this CR Sammy

    It looks like there are at least 6 ROMs, and no, I really don't know what all the rest of the chips are for or if there are more buried a layer deep.

    This is my first and only Modern Machine so I'm not going to tinker very far for risk of breaking it.

    If anybody hears of a broken/parts modern machine drop a line my way, because I'd love to learn something new about the internals of this. I'm a software guy and don't know much about dumping ROMs, but the Internet knows things and I'm a fast learner.


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    Default Re: looks like at least 6 ROMs in this CR Sammy

    and biscuits

    Modern Pachinko Machines are a true marvel and attract a whole bunch of people in Japan to part with their Yen !!

    Unfortunately these machines get used a quite a bit and when they are "Retired the Majority of them get tossed in a container to China for disassembly to the base components that the i.c. and other electronics gets put into other devices that are used around the world . The plastic gets bleached and then grounded up for new stuff.

    So the Modern Pachinko and Pachislot that get purchased by collectors almost all electronics on them are replaceable but the Special Programmed I.C.'s have the sound and graphics and the whole program that makes each and every Modern machine unique and when those main parts fail well it then becomes E-Waste .

    That's why a lot of lovers of these types of machines go for the Vintage All Mechanical Machines with simple electronics for lights sounds and simple switches.

    And yes, I am one of the " Old Timers" that had the Mechanical Pachinko back in the 1970's and truly enjoyed them .

    I still have over a Dozen Vintage machines but I have over Twenty Modern machines that I still enjoy and use a Pure Sine Wave Battery Back Up with the best Surge Protector that I can afford and still I have some machines that need some electronic work with Digital troubleshooting equipment to bring them back to Full Function.

    Well that's enough of me .

    Please post more Clear Full photos of your machine and your history with it on this Thread and Remember .

    These machines function on 24 Volts A.C.

    Please don't plug them into the wall socket with 120-240 Volt A.C. cause you can cause some major damage to the machine even though most of them have Fuses to protect the electronics ..
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    Default Re: looks like at least 6 ROMs in this CR Sammy

    Awhile back I bought an IGS PGM cartridge from China; that's an arcade board, similar to the Neo Geo where you have cartridges. Taking it apart, I saw that they used EEPROMs from a Kyoraku pachinko machine, rewritten for the game in question.

    So my guess is that these must be pretty standard parts that are easy to work with; I'm not great with surface-mount work, personally I'm more familiar with through-hole parts.
    If you are willing to sell the machine CRアレパチ連発おはな (CR Arepachi Rapidfire Ohana), please let me know!

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    Default Re: looks like at least 6 ROMs in this CR Sammy

    ooohh winter sonata2 ver 6
    Ian #UKPachinko

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