Hello all Iím new to this gaming machine operation , My Wai 2 pulsar machine will turn on play music and flash a error 3 code , I do not have a reset key but figured out how to bypass the switch by connecting the 2 wires together to basically turn the switch on . Iíve reset the machine at least I think I did it correctly and it will work perfectly once then go back to error 3 , I donít have all the hopper components the machine didnít come with them , I see I can buy a complete hopper on eBay for it but no wiring harness to hook it up mine is a 4 plug , Iím wondering if I can somehow bypass the hopper mechanism and just let all my token fall to the bottom of my machine and still work .. gotta be a way to do this without the error code 3 saying there is a hopper issue and of course I donít have one .. any info on a correct reset would help and the hopper issue.. mine is for home use so even if I didnít have to use tokens that would be a issue to us ..