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Thread: ARABESQUE Not taking coins

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    Default ARABESQUE Not taking coins

    So I picked up a machine today. Really cleap. It had an E4 error code. I reset the machine, but the code came right back on. I cleaned the coin mechanism really good, and the error went away.
    Now it powers on. No codes. BUT the coins are dropping right into the hopper and not registering. Any thoughts?20230212_145913.jpg20230212_144014.jpg

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    Default Re: ARABESQUE Not taking coins

    E4 code is a hopper issue.
    "Usually a sign that the hopper is jammed or unplugged. Use hopper reverse button if yours has one. If not, remover hopper, clean coins, reinsert, check all connections, insert tokens, reset machine."

    The coin mech is different.
    Have you been able to get the coins to register as they should now ? Explain what you've done.

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