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Thread: Fuji Thunderbirds Machine Questions

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    Default Fuji Thunderbirds Machine Questions

    Fuji Thunderbirds 40th anniversary machine. Believe that puts it around 2004. This is one of two modern machines Iím trying to figure out so please bare with me.
    Havenít opened anything up yet. Have two questions so far
    1. The shooting mech sometimes doesnít work. I have to turn it all on he way around a few times and then it will begin to work. Can whatever mech is involved be cleaned?
    2. There are two square push buttons next to the play hopper on front. No idea what they are for.

    Any help would be appreciated. These electronic machines scare the Gamera out of me
    Thanks in advance.
    Oh yeah, damn I his thing is heavy!

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    Default Re: Fuji Thunderbirds Machine Questions

    It might be a grounding issue with the knob.. In normal operation your hand touching the silver ring on the knob completes the circuit that allows the knob to work..maybe a wire came loose inside?? Sorry, I'm not much help!!

    Those two buttons only work in the parlor unless you get a Daverob dongle that makes it so you can use the buttons to dispense balls to the front tray!!

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