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Thread: First Pachinko Machine-Heiwa-Around 1977. CL $40

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    Default First Pachinko Machine-Heiwa-Around 1977. CL $40


    Wife and I just bought a cabin in the Rocky Mountains and the wife thought it would be great to get something like a pool table or arcade games to have up there. Well, I found this Pachinko machine on Craigslist for $40. Looked all there, and with some research, I think it's missing two back covers and the mechanism for payout overflow shooter shutoff.


    I got it on Thursday and seemed to work (I never played one that actually worked). It came with 140 balls (I see why 500 balls are needed-I have 500 coming tomorrow). I spent a few hours taking some of the mechanisms apart, cleaning parts and polishing any of the pivot shafts in the mechanism. Seemed to work much better after I did some cleaning. Looks pretty good so far (A couple of cigarette burns by the ashtray which are there for good).

    I only found one light for the payout balls low (red plastic lens in the top right corner), but no payout light? The payout balls low light works fine (contacts, mechanism, bulb holder and bulb). Looks like the contacts for payout is there, but can't trace it to a light bulb. Is the payout light the blue lens in the top right corner?

    I think the bumpers will need to be replaced, but looking at individuals selling replacement parts, none list the Heiwa machines. Some of the parts look like it will work, but would need to mix and match what's out there to get a kit together. Can anyone tell me how many bumpers are on this machine and where I can get a bumper kit? I see one bounce back bumper (round) and three shooter bumpers (all round).

    Any information about this machine or advise would be greatly appreciated. I've seen a couple of similar ones here on this forum, but the posts are pretty old and the original poster is no longer active here.

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