Is there a place to get owners manuals for modern games?
I picked up a 2016 Heiwa Lupin The End this past weekend (my first game) and I have a ton of questions after looking at the back.

There are so many switches on the back. What do they do? I'm guessing there are some sort of odds adjustments but it would be cool to know rather than guess.

There are USB ports... does this mean there are ROM updates that can be applied? If so, can we get our hands on updated ROMs?

Menu options seem pretty straight forward through the game itself but I wonder if I'm missing things that I might find in the documentation.

Looking at the Heiwa web site, it seems they only provide the manuals to operators. I'm hoping we have some sort of connection in this group that might be able to help me.

I have lots of other questions as well but am trying to find as much as I can in old forum posts before being too much of a newbie (which I really am).