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Thread: New Pachinkos for January 2022 |Shin Hana No Keiji 3, Lupin the 3rd|

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    Cool New Pachinkos for January 2022 |Shin Hana No Keiji 3, Lupin the 3rd|

    Finally one new one to start the year!!

    It's time for new New Pachi threads for a new year!! I enjoy posting them, so will continue to do them as long as other people find them useful, so I hope people find them useful!!

    Since it's a new year I thought I would explain a little about the New Pachis threads for any people new to them.. They are threads where I try to post all the new pachis that are announced.. I try to post as soon as there is enough good info and pics to post, which could be days or even weeks after some websites or videos for a machine start to appear, but it's better to wait and try to post stuff together than to just post stuff willy nilly.. So you may see a promo or something for a machine that I haven't posted yet, but don't worry, I'll get to it!! Also, I tend not to post if a new pachi is just a different spec of an older game, but sometimes I do, so there!!

    I try to post names as accurately as I can, but I don't read Japanese so I may make mistakes, but I will do everything I can to get a name right and never just make up a name.. Sometimes I will use the Japanese name for say an anime theme machine and sometimes I will use the name that is used outside of Japan for the same theme, depending on what I think will best represent the machine to the readers of this forum, and sometimes I may mention both names in a post, like Speed Racer and Mach Go Go Go (this can help with searches too).. And if I just can't figure it out I'll just post the name in Japanese.. If anyone ever knows a better translation of a name please feel free to post it!!

    Just a few more things and I'll shut up.. You should know that I post machines when they are announced, so that means that the machines probably won't be in the parlors for at least a couple months and not available for most of us to try to buy for many months after that.. Also one more thing about machine names..I try my best each month to post each machine name in a different color, that way you can scroll through a thread and find updated posts about a machine easily..So if there is a pachi with its name in a specific color, I will try my best when posting updated information about that machine to post the name in the same color so its easy to find..

    Also, feel free to post and comment in these threads about the machines I post!!

    And last, here is a sort of key to some of the things I post..

    The link I post under the picture of the machine is a Google translated version of the Pachinko Vista page for the machine..While not a perfect translation, I think it's good for a quick look for people that can't read any Japanese.. The translated links can get messed up over time as Google Changes things, so if you see a broken link, just post and I'll fix it or post the untranslated link!!

    Official site = This is a manufacturers official website for a machine..

    Official page = Some manufacturers have stopped making full websites for their machines and just put up a single page often with links to a PDF play guide and YouTube video..

    Promo video = Official promotional video for a machine often just called a PV.. Usually 3-5 minutes..

    Teaser Video = Official promotional video, but often lacking any actual shots of play or even the machine itself.. Usually just 30 to 60 seconds..

    Play Video = This is a video of the machine being played sometimes showing different modes and bonuses.. Usually between 5 and 30 minutes..

    Announcement video = Videos of machines being announce and unveiled.. I don't post these as much anymore, but they still turn up from time to time..

    Ok, I'll shut up now!!

    Today we have we have the newest Keiji pachi!!

    Shin Hana No Keiji 3


    Official site!!

    Promo video!!

    "Blowing smoke rings at the moon."

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