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Thread: FOR SALE: Trays, Flags, Tool Kit

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    Default FOR SALE: Trays, Flags, Tool Kit

    Hello All

    We pulled a few more boxes out of storage and have the following up for sale. Wanted to offer items here on PachiTalk first before other sites which have added fees involved. Prices do not include shipping costs and we are currently shipping only within the 48 contiguous United States.

    Please feel free to private message me for additional items of interest or additional pictures/information. Payments only via PayPal "Friends and Family" method.

    Thanks for looking, Pete

    Sankyo pachinko tool kit for adjusting nail angles and gaps. $98.00

    Tool Kit a.jpgTool Kit b.jpgTool Kit c.jpgTool Kit d.jpg

    2 AKB Flags approx. 6'x2' $20.00 each

    Flag AKB a.jpgFlag AKB b.jpg

    Flag $30.00

    Flag c.jpg

    Trays - 20 available: "Fit Box 800" $9.00 each - holds 800 tokens or 1000 balls as shown. (balls and tokens are not included)
    Size: top 12" x 6" bottom 6" x 4" inside 8" x 5" x 2.5" deep

    Fit Box 800 Tray a.jpgFit Box 800 Tray b.jpg

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