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Thread: Restoration of Marusin / New Gin single shot

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    Default Restoration of Marusin / New Gin single shot

    I picked up a late 60's Marusin / New Gin on eBay. It came packaged well, but it was clear it had probably been sitting in a garage or attic for years. A good amount of rust, dirt, dead insects, leaves, etc. I didn't bother to test it much -- no way I was going to run a bunch of clean balls through it. So I got down to learning how to restore it (and hoping it wasn't missing anything critical). I'm pretty new to the pachinko world -- got my first machine a couple of months ago, and that one worked fine and only needed a light cleaning.

    Everything on the machine got removed and disassembled, except for the playfield. For that I cleaned the nails, rails, etc in place. I repainted / polyurethaned the front and stained the unfinished wood -- amazing the difference a new coat of paint makes.

    There was only one thing that was truly broken that I had to MacGyver to get it to work. In the jackpot mechanism there's that 'hammer' piece that has a brass pin that goes in a pivot. The pivot holds it in place and allows it to move forward and back to release & hold jackpot balls. The pivot part was broken so I bent some clothes hanger wire to act as the rest of the missing part (see pic). I also found the hammer piece needed some extra weight on the bottom counterweight so I zip-tied some nuts to it. I've run many jackpots through it and it's been working perfectly so far.

    I learned to love Evapo-Rust. Expensive but it did an awesome job at de-rusting all of the metal I threw in it.

    I also applied a thin layer of Flood Penetrol on the tin pieces. I had never heard of it before but I stumbled across it during my research as I was going through the restore. It creates a nice hard poly / lacquer sheen that should protect against future rust.

    Lot of hours involved but it was a huge learning experience and I found the journey just as fun as the destination.

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    Before/after comparison pics

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    Default Re: Restoration of Marusin / New Gin single shot

    Very nice!!

    "Blowing smoke rings at the moon."

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    Default Re: Restoration of Marusin / New Gin single shot

    Nice job! I remember seeing this machine on ebay, looks much cleaner now!

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    Default Re: Restoration of Marusin / New Gin single shot

    Nicely done!!

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