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Thread: New to me pachislos -- Double Up & DJ Special

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    Default New to me pachislos -- Double Up & DJ Special

    Until recently I was somewhat aware of what pachinko and pachislo machines were but had never seen one in person & knew nothing about them. Then I picked up a 70's pachinko machine at a local yard sale, and that led me down the path to learning more about pachinko... and then wanting to dip my toes in the pachislo world. I think I may be suffering from PAS (Pachinko/Pachislo Acquisition Syndrome) lol.

    So here are my first 2 Pachislo machines, both from 1998. Double Up & DJ Special. The DJ Special was completely functional and plug n play. I got the Double Up for cheap as a parts/repair machine. It had a CJ error that wouldn't clear. The owner tried to swap parts from another coin mech (similar, but not the exact same model) but there were 2 loose wires that were dangling in the breeze. So I took a chance at trying to fix it. Not knowing anything about how they work I had my moments of "did I just buy a $50 paperweight?", but within a short time I figured out the issue. The '2 loose wires' was an infrared LED that is supposed to be mounted over a hole pointing at the receiver sensor. Once I figured that out I was able to position it correctly and clear the error. The machine came to life and plays great! The plastic housing for the LED was broken into pieces so I'm not sure exactly how it's supposed to be mounted, but for now I used some blue tack / posterboard putty to hold it down. Looks a little iffy but it works until I decide on a more permanent solution.


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    Default Re: New to me pachislos -- Double Up & DJ Special

    Nice!! Be careful, pachis tend to multiply quickly!!

    "Blowing smoke rings at the moon."

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