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Thread: New Sea Story

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    Default New Sea Story

    Hi all,

    I am wondering if there is a sister model of Pachislo to the Pachinko machine: a New Sea Story?

    I've had this machine for years and would love a slot to go along with it (even though I bricked it at this point).

    Any info would help and also info on how to buy and ship to Boston, MA!

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    Default Re: New Sea Story

    I think there have been 10 Sea Story pachislos since 2005!!

    Well actually, I see 9 and one comes in big and small token versions..

    Sorry I can't help with finding one though..

    015337_main_image.jpg 017897_main_image.jpg 018466_main_image.jpg 019345_main_image.jpg 020402_main_image.jpg 021203_main_image.jpg 021860_main_image.jpg 021976_main_image.jpg 022528_main_image.jpg

    "Blowing smoke rings at the moon."

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