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Thread: IGT Harley Davidson #172

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    Default IGT Harley Davidson #172

    Hello to everyone on the site! Itís been years since Iíve posted. I have a few machines from when I was in the business. Im out of touch with the industry and I donít know what these machines are even worth any more. I have an original IGT Harley Davidson #172 and an original Terminator that I tucked away when IGT sent us a letter requesting we stop selling them because Arnold didnít authorize IGT to use his voice. Any information is appreciated! Thank care! Milt

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    Welcome back !!

    If you will Post Detail Photos of the machine under power and maybe a link to a Youtube video of both we have Many New Members that may want to add them to their collection BUT

    making sure the machine is complete and Totally Functioning will take away a whole bunch of worries and adds to the current value Which in today's Worldwide situation is Paramount to want and need .
    When things don't go right the 1st time , Step back ,Take a break and come back renewed. RGS

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