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    Default Malfunction Heiwa

    It's been a while since I last wrotehere.How long I really don't want to know.
    But now when I retired I'm ready towork with some Patchinkos.The two games I have has been standing in acorner..Now they are up on the wall. It's one Nishjin and it working nice the other
    game is a Heiwa and it's notok.....Here is my situation: If it was a Nishjin that was malfunktonthere is no big issue because about 49 of 50 games is just a Nishjin.
    And my malfuntion game isa..........Heiwa....
    The problem is thats is'nt stopping thegame when the balls in the upper(win) try is gone...
    It seems that a spring is missing.Idon't think the two micro swithes can hold the lane...
    I enclose some pics
    And im sorry for my lousy english
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