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Thread: Looking for information... Restoration/parts

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    Default Looking for information... Restoration/parts

    Hello Hello, I'm just looking for information on where I can get replacements parts for an old pachinko machine I found. If anyone could also identify it that would be so helpful. The picture below is what the current state of it looks like as it is very busted up and looks like the image below.
    Only recently I was able to see up close and notice some details as well nothing too technical but also there's also another picture of what looks like some kind of model info.
    and the backside looks pretty bad as well as the backside of the pockets are smashed in to make it flat.
    IF anyone can help me get started on restoring this by helping me with information on model, or how to repair, and parts, I want to try and save this and restore it. But if this is too much please reply.

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