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Thread: A possible game.

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    Default A possible game.

    MODS: Please move if there's a better place for this.

    Sadly, the parts for my old Nishijin got rather trashed (literally) on a bulk clean out of the home.
    The upside is that I did make a few CAD models of some of the parts, and somewhere in a fuzz the other night, I was trying to think of something that might possibly be able to link some of my favorite things; mechanical devices (hence pachinko), Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, and programming.

    So the current plan, is to create a reproduction, more or less, or my old pachi the best I can remember, but in video game form. I'm creating this in a modular way, such that it will function as a regular desktop game as well as VR game. (It'll be free)

    Here's what I have so far, if it's there, it's working, and accurate both size and physics wise - apart from the pins.


    Incidentally, I'm not just making this looks like a pachinko, it actually simulates the mechanics of the machine. Ideally, you'll be able to look at the back of the machine and see it actually functioning.
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