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Thread: Pachislo Settings And how to find them

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    Default Pachislo Settings And how to find them

    After a very brief post was made here a few days ago, I thought Id throw up something more detailed about slot settings and if they can be found.

    Unlike a lot of pachinko, slots have odds settings that control their overall payout %. There are up to 6 settings, usually named 1-6 of course. Some machines have fewer. My old Sakura Taisen had 1 or 6 and nothing inbetween. Other machines might have a letter as the setting. A new Hanabi slot has Setting H. (A very odd setting; Highest % payout but lowest probability to hit a bonus). Percentages will almost always be a mid-high 90s for Setting 1, climbing to about the 100% mark by Setting 3, and then Setting 6 could be anywhere from say, 106-120+. Of course this is calculated over hundreds of thousands, even millions of spins.

    Randomness on the Pachislos
    Remember though that these games are not compensated. They are RANDOM. Nothing can be guaranteed if you see someone blow their wages in one beforehand. Pachislo randomness is double-wrapped though compared to UK or US slots which are more simple in the way of RNG, this is what you win, display. Pachislos have several different game 'modes' which are usually behind the scenes and through THESE, you get your wins etc.
    Sammy Aladdin 2 Evolution for example... After the bonus, it went into 5 different modes. NORMAL, CHANCE A, CHANCE B, CHANCE C, CHANCE D. Which mode it went into was random (But weighted ofc) and then the machine was played with the associated odds, again random. CHANCE D was especially good but I have only had it once. Either way, it means slots in Japan can be both random, and also have noticeable periods of deadness and of being very streaky.

    So what can a high setting do?
    The basic principle is, the higher the setting, the easier it will be for you to get your first Bonus or ART to come in. Some things don't change. Trying to get GOD GOD GOD on Million God etc. is always 1/8192 regardless. On a lot of A-Type machines (Big and Reg bonus e.g. Juggler), the odds of hitting a Big Bonus are much better than hitting a Reg Bonus on setting 1. (1/278 for Big, 1/463 for Reg, for example...) Towards Setting 6, the odds improve, but also even out. (Both BB and RB are 1/244 on Setting 6). Other things to note are that smaller wins might come in more frequently. Juggler has a slightly higher likelihood of dropping in grapes or cherries on setting 6 Only. Of course dont expect a setting 6 to be in Payout mode all the time. It is just as easy for them to suck the money back if the numbers are not turning in your favour.

    I like high settings! How can I tell which machines are which?
    Short answer: Not easily! Nothing handed to you on a plate here. However, there are ways to tell the setting if you are persistent enough... Some machines will flash a light or perhaps say something after a bonus. The outcome of these will determine roughly what setting the machine is at. That's why on some pachislo videos you will see people tap a button etc. after a bonus. Chabudai Gaeshi (2019 Best Slot voted by Me) displays a table flipping game on the last bonus spin. If you flip the table 111m, it's setting 1, and so forth. Ive flipped a couple of them 135m, which means the setting is 1, 3 or 5. Of course it can just throw in some random numbers like 372 and then you haven't a clue what it's on. New Sammy machine Hokutonoken Tensho has a little character statue displayed in the left screen on occasion. Depending on the colour of it you can find out the setting. Finally, the Juggler method as I call it (It's bad though so watch out) As explained above, a high setting has even odds of BB and RB. Therefore if the number awarded is similar, then its a better chance of being a high setting! Yeah. Good luck with that one...

    Jumpy reels are not to be trusted.
    So you think you have a Setting 6 in your parlour and you want to play it next day? Best get to the parlour early! You need to check if your machine does a "Gakkun!" This is the way the reels may 'bounce' when a player takes the first spin in the morning. If the reels just spin normally, then you are fine. If the reels bounce on your first spin, it means that the machine has been reset overnight, and probably had its odds changed! Resets and odds changing happens frequently in parlours, no setting lasts forever (Except setting 1). This only counts for the FIRST SPIN OF THE DAY. So you have to be there early to see it in action. Or just play an unpopular machine.
    Your man on the Pachi Frontline.

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