I just got one, haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet, I was told it works, but there's no coin accept-er so "you have to jump a couple of pins to add credits"... (but there is a 9 pin connector, and he don't remember which pins to jump?) It also has a CJ error on the credit display.

So, if anyone has any manuals for it, preferably specifically, I beg you for them... I've downloaded several manuals, but none really seem to cover this machine...

Also, if anyone knows the pin out of that connector, or even just which lines to jump, and/or how to clear the CJ error (I'm assuming coin jam?) please help?

I know, it's a very old machine, but it's my first so I am very inexperienced in this.... (gemme a few months though, and I'll have it all taken apart, put back together, with a few extra parts I discovered it didn't actually NEED.... (Really, this icon has NOTHING to do with this post, I just saw it and...well, you get the rest.)