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Thread: Sammy Daimaou.. Theme Genie.

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    Default Sammy Daimaou.. Theme Genie.

    I am trying to do a hard reset on a Sammy Daimaou. I've tried 12 times so far and had no success at all. The machine was in the jackpot round and I had to leave my house. I shut the machine off. Due to a very bad fall I was not able to turn the machine back on for months. I have 2 other machines and they were off too. I don't have any problems with them. Can any please tell me if there is any other way to do a hard reset other then the conventional way to do it.This machine is so much fun to play when it's working. I do hope I can get it back to where it was. I live in CT. and if anyone knows of a tech I can call,please let me know. How to I reply to a reply for members? Are we allowed to put our email in our post? Thank you, LJL

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    Default Re: Sammy Daimaou.. Theme Genie.

    Hello, I'm not sure if you've seen the reply in your other thread?

    if you click your profile you can see your forum posts / threads, if you need help with finding your posts then please PM me and I'll do my best to help you navigate

    Sorry we we don't allow emails to be posted for your own privacy, as they could be seen outside of the forums

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