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    Good afternoon I bought one of these for my wife, I was able to get it working accepting coins and paying out credits however I was wondering of there was a way this machine will "spit out" the chips as you won rather than after you hit the Return/refund button. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Let's see if I can be any help at all.. If your machine has a cash mode then you will have to put tokens in before every spin, but it will spit out all winnings when you get them.. I can't really remember what you push to switch modes..Hopefully a pachislo person will be by to confirm..but I think you need to empty all credits first, then I think you hold down the same button you use to empty credits for a few seconds to switch between credit and cash modes!!

    If yours doesn't have cash mode then you can keep all 50 credits full then just like in cash mode you add tokens before each spin to keep the credits full and it will pay out all winnings!! (Because pachis pay out all winnings once the credits are full..)

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