a couple of years ago I bought a Lupin Pachinko followed by a StarWars. Now the Pachinko Bug got me again when I saw the Girls and Panzer machine. Since I am a big fan of the series but also highly into the online game World of Tanks Blitz this was a must buy for me.

I tried communicating with japanese vendor mekapit but with no success. So i contacted Juno from bidservice who was very helpful. Yesterday the machine arrived.

in the next days I will try to put the right things to the right place as he had to send in 2 parcels due to weight limitation.

There is a manual included but all in Japanese so I might need the help from you experts maybe.

First question that I hope you can answer is: there is a plug asking for 24v. I bought a transformer but is it important to check for positive/negative pole? Can i break something if i use trial and error?

kind regards