Hi everyone, I've got a bunch of lumina cells (10) but one of them "neo fever powerful" either has a bad LCD screen or possibly a bad board. This one has the weird start up issue some lumina cells have.... screen black, lots of twitching from animatronics, usually clears up after a few minutes after firing a few balls and it "warms up". Last time I played this cell the screen would go black 80% of the time; everything else functions normal. This one has a very large LCD screen; anyone have a junker lumina cell or know if the screens are compatible? Or if the screen does sometimes work; does that mean the issue lies elsewhere? (Like one of the boards?). Just wondering if there's a cheap/easy fix available or if I should just keep/sell it for spare parts...it's a fun cell, but only paid $60 for it and don't intend to spend a bunch of money or time if it's gonna be a huge PITA to fix. I've completely disassembled a lumina cell before (Star Wars) so digging into the cell to replace the screen is no big deal. Any ideas? Anyone else have this issue?

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