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Thread: 777next - Sammy's Android/Apple free Pachinko/Pachislo games

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    Default 777next - Sammy's Android/Apple free Pachinko/Pachislo games

    I found this a few weeks ago. There is a Japanese free app collection called 777NEXT (there is also 777town, you dont want those) It is only in Japanese, and is very confusing to navigate. It is a free service that allows you download/play a variety of Sammy pachinko/pachislo games for free. Like most free cell phone games, theres always a catch and you only are allow so many spins before you run out of stamina. You can pay cash to get more stamina or wait a few hours to play again.

    I'm not sure about the Apple store version, but the Android version is only for Japanese Play Store accounts. To get around this, you will need to find the play store link for the app, and enter it into a Play Store APK download site - for example, google apk-dl. Please note, a lot of crummy APK sites host these files. Avoid them. They often have outdated version. This software is FREE and you are not pirating anything, so your goal is to download it directly from a website that pulls it from the play store. An alternative is to make a Japanese Play Store account.

    Main website - Keep scrolling down to see a list of games:

    You will need this main app to get started:

    Then, you will need the free game app, for example -

    - Create an account
    - Enter a parlor
    - Choose the game/floor you want to play (that you have the download installed for)
    - You will be prompted to download the full install
    - Play!

    Next up, I think there is a PC application from here. This may take some time to figure out -
    I am looking for a Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) Pachinko/Pachislo. If you have one for sale and are in the USA please let me know!
    Pachislo - Hokuto No Ken 2003 _ Pachinko - Evangelion
    7 2012 - Super Sea Story 2006

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