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    Hi all, my mother-in-law bought gave me a couple of machines for my birthday a few years ago. I've always found the task of cleaning and refurbishing them a bit daunting, but I finally got up the nerve recently. I started with cleaning the parts and polishing the best I can, but it's tough to get in between the nails and I find pulling them terrifying! Any recommendations about how to clean the graphic in the tighter spaces?

    I haven't gotten in to the mechanics of my Sanyo, but on most of the Mizuho seems to work okay. It's missing the cover for the payout device, so I loose some balls every time it gets triggered. I figure I can rig something to keep them contained. My big problem is with the seesaw and the ramp attached to it. The seesaw seems to get stuck in the down position from time to time (though I just lubed it, so hopefully that helps) but I'm not sure that I understand how it's supposed to work. It seems like when it gets triggered and goes down, it pulled the white ramp it's attached to up. That causes the jackpot to just dump out the back of the machine, which doesn't seem right to me. I'd really love any help/advice! My son and I are really excited about getting these things up and running!

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