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Thread: Battle Counter Connections

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    Default Battle Counter Connections

    Does anyone know what happens on the battle counter/frame outputs when the send out a signal? I am planning to make a status thing and I need to know if there a relay type output or if it sends out a voltage (and if so what voltage if known).

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    It depends on the machine. Some have voltage outputs, which usually send a pulse of around 30Vdc. Others are 'contact' type outputs, which could either be a relay or an opto-isolator. Sometimes there's a mix of the two types on the same machine.

    If the outputs are marked (in Japanese), then you should be able to work out which they are. Use this post as a guide, and if you're not sure, then post a photo of the output terminals and the labelling on the machine that describes their function, and I should be able to figure it out.

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