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Thread: Help! Elco LTD / Aruse - Alibaba in Fantasia = Error: rr Displ in coin counter

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    Question Help! Elco LTD / Aruse - Alibaba in Fantasia = Error: rr (Displ in coin counter)

    Hello all,

    I am getting an error on my Elco/Aruse - Alibaba in Fantasia = Error: "rr" (displayed in coin counter)

    I have tried to check for obvious stuff like loose cables and other simple things but have had no luck. Can anyone tell me what the "rr" error denotes? (and how to fix it?)

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    Default Re: Help! Elco LTD / Aruse - Alibaba in Fantasia = Error: rr (Displ in coin coun


    I seem to recall that 'RR' is a 'Ram' error code

    If you have done the full hard reset and that hasn't cleared it, then I would try that one more time, just in case you missed a step out:


    1. Locate internal key switch, and insert key.
    Note: In order to change odds, machine must be in idle mode with no tokens/coins or credits being played and off.

    2. Turn "reset" key switch to on, to access programming mode.

    3. Turn on machine now.

    4. Depending on machine type, a number from 1 to 6 will be displayed on one of the LED meters on front door. (please note on some models the numbers could be displayed inside the machine)

    5. Locate and push Skill button. Depress button and notice movement of number being displayed in LED meter.

    6. Once desired level is displayed (1 to 6), push down on play handle (Joy Stick) for 10 seconds, and depress both "BET CREDITS" and "COLLECT CREDITS" buttons to lock odds level into machine memory.

    7. Turn "reset" key back to off.

    8. Machine should immediately initialize. If not, turn power switch to the OFF position, wait 15 seconds and turn power switch back to ON position.

    And if that doesn't clear it, then hopefully our members can offer further trouble shooting advice to you

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