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Thread: My take on a pachinko wall

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    Default Re: My take on a pachinko wall

    Ha, I am so super duper slow. I could blame it on too many projects at once, but I think it's more just pure laziness. Looks like the last I posted about my wall was March of last year

    In that time I was distracted, but finally 'finished' my row of seats for the pachinko wall. This is way overkill... I wanted the row of seats to be movable, and also to not place a ton of weight in just a few places. I went with making tandem longboard feet for the row of 6 bus seats. Ignore that the bolts aren't in a nice rectangular pattern.. I missed that the table on my drillpress wasn't set at 90 degrees to my drill. So while the holes are rectangular on one side, the exit holes on the other side are not straight across from the entry holes. It worked as long as I put the trucks on the side I started drilling from. Then I cut unistrut rails to use as feet, so four 10ft unistrut rails for the top/bottom, and six 10inch unistrut 'legs' to tie the top rail to the foot rail and I used some beefy Ls to attach them. Ignore the sawdust, Christmas tree stuff and stuff, it's all a mess up there... I vacuumed after, not before or during

    I changed my mind from the above thought of making each seat separate to making them a wheeled bench.


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    Default Re: My take on a pachinko wall


    Do you have up to date pics for your room?

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