Went with my dad yesterday to pick this up for my mom as a present. We didn't know exactly what a pichaslo machine was. But the guy we bought it from had quite a few and explained that they were from japan, how to reset and any questions we had. I looked around some and didn't see one in this pdf http://www.pachitalk.com/museumpics/...0Operation.pdf that looked quite like this one. I saw he had a gundam one also, I may just have to go back and get that one for myself. This one is immaculate on the inside and works perfectly with the p.s. land and sunshine tokens we got with it. The only thing i'm wondering about is, it doesn't auto pay out. You have to hold down the red button on the left side to make it pay out. Is this normal? Is this easy to fix? I noticed in the videos i've watched most seem to spit out the tokens as you win them. I'm also curious as to when this was probably made and what manufacturer it is. THANKS!