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    Default Satomi Miracle Arrange Ball - "Hustler"

    Well, my new toy arrive last Wednesday and I finally had time to unpack and tinker with it a bit. Although it was packed fairly well, the shipper I spoke with did not follow my directions to the letter as I had requested. I had requested it be double boxed, the inside be packed with material to cushion the circuit boards and prevent them from coming loose, and I asked that the box be clearly marked in a manner so the machine would travel point-to-point in it's normal upright position. When it arrived, it was laying on it's front on my porch, there was only the one box it came in, and the inside of the machine did not have any packing material filling the empty space. Despite all of the "flaws" with the packing, it arrived in pristine condition!!

    Satomi Hustler Miracle Arrange Ball 002 (Large).jpgSatomi Hustler Miracle Arrange Ball 005 (Large).jpgSatomi Hustler Miracle Arrange Ball 006 (Large).jpgSatomi Hustler Miracle Arrange Ball 007 (Large).jpg

    The machine is called "Hustler" and has a Billiards or Pool theme - it will go perfectly in the basement next to my pool table! The machine has years of dirt and grime in the normal places, but all should clean up easily. It came with 18 standard Pachinko balls and six ball bearings that are a bit smaller. No tokens were included, but there was a piece of paper inside the machine with diagrams and some Japanese writing.

    IMG_0261 (Large).jpgIMG_0262 (Large).jpgSatomi Hustler Miracle Arrange Ball 048 (Large).jpg

    I checked all of the connections inside the machine and verified the transformer before connecting it to power. All looked good, so I went ahead and plugged her in. NOTHING!! After checking around a bit, I found that there is a main power switch inside the machine above the fuse - something my other arrange ball doesn't have. Once I turned on the switch, I saw an LED light on the circuit board illuminate.

    Satomi Hustler Miracle Arrange Ball 027 (Large).jpgSatomi Hustler Miracle Arrange Ball 028 (Large).jpg

    I started out by dropping a ball in each of the 16 win pockets at the bottom to make sure the lights in the center matrix illuminated. Unfortunately, five of the lights appear to be out. Next I dropped a ball into each of the pockets in the play field to make sure they worked. All did.
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