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Thread: 1994 toytec heaven 3 owners manual

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    Default 1994 toytec heaven 3 owners manual

    does any have or know where to get a pdf copy of the owners manual for my heaven 3 machine

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    Default Re: 1994 toytec heaven 3 owners manual

    copied this form another post.. ya probably allready read it, but its the best write up..

    Manuals for machines are few and far between.. anything that was printed is in Japaneese.. and with a machine this old im sure threre long gone..

    Quote Originally Posted by candyflip View Post
    Hi Mopar,

    I've spent a few hours shooting a few thousand balls through this one on a SNES simulator, and I have the basic start down for you.

    Shoot balls to start the tiles rolling around on the screen, by shooting the pocket in the middle center (above the door) - you probably have that figured already. Next you'll get a few Reaches before the big 3 (of anything - it doesn't matter which tile set) eventually comes up. It took me many thousands of balls. When it does, a green dragon appears on the centre screen and breaths smoke thru his nostrils. The 1st Bonus round of 15 is now active.

    To get the door to open now, you need to start immediately shooting balls to the extreme right of the machine (many Kenrimono are similar in this way) until you sit one ball in the rotating tulip. As this captured ball rotates around, another (hopefully) will fall in behind it and the original ball will now fall into a hole behind the tulip at top right, and the door will open for your 1st Round of 15 directly below (ie. the door at lower right of the machine face you originally mentioned). The 2nd captured ball will now fall into the rotating tulip hole, as before, triggering the second round, and so on. Just keep shooting balls to the right of the machine now as you get 15rds x 10enters x 15balls = 2250 total balls paid out.

    When this finishes, its back to the centre again as you try to get more tiles to line up in a pattern of 3 of any, so shoot for the middle centre pocket as before. Having two or three more 15rd Bonuses come on is usual in my experience, and upwards of 6000 balls total paid out in this time. Its the right side Bonus door that you go for each time, in this way.

    Its the next bit (the centre bonus door) I haven't figured out yet - will get back to you when I do. I think I keep 'puncturing' before I get to this stage, so need more time to figure it out.. But its something to do with the digital number under the right hand side bonus door, which counts up to 15 slowly and adds one light to a layer of 6 underneath it. I'm supposed to do something in that time, but have yet to figure what that is yet.

    Anyway, hope that helps so far.

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    Default Re: 1994 toytec heaven 3 owners manual

    Actually, I collated my entire knowledge of that machine into this: "Here's how it goes for Dora Dora Tengoku 3, compiling everything above in other posts:

    a) Enter the starting thru gate

    b) This starts the tiles flipping on the center video screen

    c) The tiles will flip until a 'Reach' is gained (ie. 2 of the same type of any tile are present, and a third is slowly flipping to tease for a match).

    d) The machine flashes much more at this point and particularly, under the three bottom pockets.This is where the 'Dora' of the machine title comes into play - you need to drop a ball in one of these 3 pockets at this point to make a bonus tile appear and claim a full hand from the 'Reach'. If no ball falls into any of these three pockets while the Reach is occurring, the machine will not match the 3 tiles for a full hand. Until the full hand is 'reached', the machine will not progress the bonus further.

    In my experience, the two bottom pockets are impossible to get any balls into. The only one that can be reached is the left most one marked with the two headed arrows and white stars. Drop a ball in there during the Reach by adjusting the flow of balls towards the left of the machine a little more, and the full hand will be achieved!

    e) Assuming the above is completed, the dragon now appears on the screen, and the Bonus Round is *almost* ready. Only one more ball needs to enter the now open gate. This gate closes as soon as the first ball goes in and the Bonus is now activated. Getting a ball in here is very simple as most of your balls end up down here from regular play anyway, but just ensure that happens by adjusting your ball flow back to the centre left or right after you have achieved the Reach (above).

    f) The machine is now playing a new tune, all lights are flashing, and the balls need to be adjusted to flow to the extreme right of the machine. Balls should now be falling on or very near the rotating cylinder.

    g) As the first captured ball in the cylinder rotates towards the 2 o'clock position, it will drop behind into a recessed hole, the 1st Bonus Round starts, and the gate now opens.

    h) For 16 rounds, of 9 ball entries, for 15 balls output (2160 total balls), the Bonus gate opens and closes as the rounds progress and are counted out on the video screen.

    i) when the Bonus round completes, the door closes, the animation indicates it is finishing, and the tile flipping continues (as long as you now have balls entering the Start gate).

    j) the top green light on the displayis now lit, showing the first Bonus Round to be completed. The process has started over.

    k) This cycle repeats now for 2 additional times. The video display shown underneath the gateshould also have lit, showing a slow count from 0 to 15. There are 6 red lights underneath, that slowly light up (1 every 10 seconds) now. When they reach the end, the count goes up by one. So you have 15 x 60 seconds to complete the final 2 Bonus Rounds before you 'puncture' the Bonus sequence. This is pretty achievable if you have a machine that allows you easy access to the pockets, so you can achieve 'full hands' from your Reaches.

    Well worth doing, as the total ball output for your 3 Bonus Rounds (remember this has all occurred in 20-25 minutes) will be nearly 6500 balls!! "
    There is always another machine around the corner...

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