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Thread: Only for New/First Buyers/owners Pachinko. Special FAQ topic.

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    Default Re: Only for New/First Buyers/owners Pachinko. Special FAQ topic.

    For something that is really really new* lately I've been keeping an eye on Rakuten stores (not necessarily auctions). There are a few dealers there that will sell you a machine that has been recently decommissioned. For one I really really wanted recently, it was about $120 for a stripped down (no transformer, no balls) machine. Juno at was the middleman and he kept the whole thing under 30kg so that it was shipped via EMS (wouldn't do it otherwise for that size of package). Anyway, the whole thing ended up costing around $650, but when you look at the date it was pulled from the parlor, it was only about 12 days before it arrived at my door. SO - I guess that justifies the expense - over $500 just to get it here and pay Juno - but it was "hot off the presses". Then $40 for the transformer off amazon... $60 for 1000 balls...

    Uh... bottom line - if you want to be the first on your block to get a certain machine? I'd go with Juno and Rakuten. But don't let the low initial price fool you. Add 500-600 to it for service and shipping.

    Brings up an interesting question. Does the economic principle of "opportunity cost" really apply to pachi collecting?

    * been waiting for a Tokio Deluxe cell to show its face... if you haven't seen this one, its gotta be one of the most intricate hanemono ever...

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