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Thread: My Satomi ArrangeBall on eBay

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    Default My Satomi ArrangeBall on eBay

    Working Satomi Miracle Arrangeball Pachinko - eBay (item 280542849536 end time Aug-08-10 09:50:45 PDT)
    Selling my ArrangeBall. It's a great machine, functions fine and has nice, bright lights on the playfield. However, it never gets played and has not even been turned on in months except to make sure it was working before putting it up for auction. Plus I gotta make room for another Satomi on the way here so it's gotta go.
    Also selling a Power flash L-Man and my manual shot Power Roulette. Just don't have time at the moment to list them but they can be seen in my album.
    And a percentage of the sale goes to the forum.
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    Default Re: My Satomi ArrangeBall on eBay

    Well that has got to be a rare sight on eBay, an arrangeball

    Pity it's not over here in England,

    but Good luck with the sale

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    Default Re: My Satomi ArrangeBall on eBay

    Yay - I won the auction! Early birthday present to myself! Thanks!

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