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Thread: Backing up payout settings

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    Default Backing up payout settings


    Was wondering whether there is a battery that backs up the payout settings in my Spin Luck?

    If I leave it turned off for a period of time it reverts back to the lowest payout setting (1) and while it can easily be changed and will hold a new setting for maybe a week or two switched off I was wondering whether there was a more reliable fix?

    I think it has always been like this: the previous owner sold it to me saying that it never seemed to payout (!!). Once I checked it out I found the setting was on 1, the lowest payout.

    I could go digging in the back but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

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    Default Re: Backing up payout settings

    I am pretty sure that the memory in these is backed up by a capacitor so there is not much you can do other than turn it on for a few minutes every two or three days. on my machines some can stay off for two weeks without resetting but a couple of them will reset in just three days off.


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