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Thread: Magtek Magnetic Card reader

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    Default Magtek Magnetic Card reader

    I've recently acquired a Magtek card reader that had a 'smashed' USB connector. I have fixed the USB port and the device now works fine. I can bring up MS Word, swipe my Texas DL and/or a my Visa card and the information is read off of it. Here's a link to a website that sells them new: PROVANTAGE: Magtek 21040107 Magstripe Swipe Card Reader Mini USB Track-1/2/3 - White

    I really don't have a use for it and was going to put it on eBay where they sell for around $30 plus shipping. (I think)

    I'm not sure if any of guys could use this but I thought I'd offer it up to my friends here before I went to eBay with it. If your interested let me know either here or PM and I'll put on it on the PachiTalk auction page. I figured $25 including shipping in the US would be reasonable. I can ship overseas if anyone over there wants it... I'll just ask for you to cover the extra shipping cost.

    Ya'll let me know if you want it! BTW: It's cream colored and can can bi-directional.
    Rusty Key

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