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Thread: Need rubber ball launcher

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    Default Need rubber ball launcher

    I thought this might be a more appropriate forum for this question, so here goes:

    I'm missing a little rubber hammer that goes over the end of this arm to launch the balls. The ball sits on the ramp, against the plastic bit. The arm is at the far left edge of it's travel in the picture.

    I found this thread, which told me it should be rubber and about an inch long:

    I tried making one. It hits the ball, but not hard enough to actually launch it, making me think I either made it from the wrong sort of rubber, or made it the wrong shape/size. We tried upping the tension in the mechanism, but if we get it high enough to launch the balls all the way to the field, other things start to jam, so I'm back to looking at the hammer.

    Everyone else seems to have a spring on their launcher, but this arm is clearly not designed for one. I sent email to, thinking maybe the rubber hammer was an older design, but they sent me back here. Also sent an email to the stealth guys, but haven't gotten a response.

    Any other places I could try to buy one? Even a picture of what one looks like would help - maybe I can see where I went wrong.

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    Default Re: Need rubber ball launcher

    Maybe you could convert the whole flipper over to a spring holding type. Possibly someone here may be parting out a machine and have an extra flipper?

    Just a thought!

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    Default Re: Need rubber ball launcher

    How about a rubber grommet from the hardware store?
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    Default Re: Need rubber ball launcher

    scale is hard to see but im wondering if a spring could be fited into that notch???
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    Smile Re: Need rubber ball launcher

    Does anyone have a picture of whats supposed to be there?? We might be able to suggest some good replacements if we could see what was suppossed to be there..Someone must have an old Heiwa!!

    I checked some of mine and don't have anything like that..I guess I thought they all had a spring!!

    This is my oldest modern..late 80s/early 90s??

    And one of my newest..2004

    My only Heiwa is from 98 (or 99, can't remember) and it has something Toatally different..never noticed..a solenoid!!
    hammer3.jpg hammer4.jpg

    I guess Heiwa just has to be different!!

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