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Thread: How to Start a New Thread!!

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    Smile How to Start a New Thread!!

    How to Start a New Thread

    1) Find the best Forum for your post i.e. Pachislo, Pachinko, New to, Soapbox, etc

    2) Then select (click) the best Sub-forum i.e. Vintage Pachinko, Model Talk, ebay, support tickets, etc

    3) Next click the button located near the top left marked + Post New Thread (see picture below) which will open up your posting box, here you can enter a Title and type up your post
    Post New Thread.jpg

    4) If you wish to add pics to your post, Click here for the Picture How to!!

    5) All done?? Then click Submit New Thread and it’s posted, or if you want to preview how your post will look, then click Preview Post first and then you can edit if needed

    6) All posted and you’re happy?? Great

    7) Posted and it’s disappeared?? Don’t worry New Members may need to have their posts approved first, (part of the filters that help keep the site clean and free from Spam) Approval of posts is done as quickly as possible, but if you have any concerns, please contact a Mod (blue name) or Admin (yellow name)

    8) Posted it and spotted something wrong?? Again, don’t worry, you get a few minutes to Edit your post using one of the buttons at the bottom right of your post. Don’t panic if you left it too late to edit, (Edit button not showing) just contact a Mod and I’m sure they will be happy to edit for you

    Have fun posting!!

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