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Thread: Maruhon Double Game kenrimono Play Guide!!

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    Smile Maruhon Double Game (kenrimono) Play Guide!!

    I was ready to post this 2 weeks ago but then my net connection went nutty and got super slow which made it hard to post..then I forgot about it!! But other recent threads reminded me of it, so here it is!!

    So here is a small play guide of how Double Game works and how other pachinkos like this are played..I just figured since most people seem to only have the match 3 on the LCD type of modern, that this might help..

    I have 3 or 4 that play like this but this was the only one I could get to right now!!

    This game starts by shooting a ball in the Start pass through pocket on the left 1..(See picture below!!) balls will be rewarded yet..

    That will open one small wing next to the small space shuttle 2..which will stay open for only about half a second in which time you must get a ball in.. this point any ball that gets this far will get a payout..

    The ball will then roll in front of the number display (3) down some ramps (see arrows) and come out in front of a spinning wheel with four holes in it (4)..Two of the holes will just award balls, but the other two will start the numbers spinning..

    Luckily on this one they almost always go into the two start or V holes because of the way it is built..but on other games the designers usually aren't that nice!!

    If it goes through one of those two holes, it drops down and is held here 5 (see pic below) in a little cup (seen here 6 upside down) while the numbers spin on the 2 digit display above..(3)

    ..there are no stocked spins on this game, so if you get any balls in while a ball is already in the little cup, it will just pay out a few balls, but won't cause another spin..

    The display (3) has numbers and symbols like satellite dishes and other space stuff (I can't remember right now if matching symbols is the same as matching numbers, but i know I've done it) Anyway, if nothing is matched then the arm/cup holding the ball goes left (6) and then a few balls are payed out and you start again..but if you get two matching numbers then it goes right (7) and the bonus round starts!!

    Now you need to get a ball over to the spinning pocket on the right..(See green arrow two pictures above!!)

    The ball will rest here A until the opening (C) comes around..(See pic below!!)

    ..B thats the way it slowly spins..

    When the ball gets all the way around to where the arrow (next to the C) is it will pay out a few balls and open the wings here (D) for the jackpot, after you get a few balls in the tulip it will close and you then need to get another ball in the spinning pocket to open the tulip again, repeat this until the fever is over!!

    ..all other pockets on this one (3 on the bottom, 1 above the number display and the spinning one when not in bonus) just act as normal pockets..

    I know machines are all different..some with screens and numbers some without, some with spiny pockets some with just pass throughs, some with normal bonus doors and some with weird pockets with giant wings, but this play guide should probably still apply somewhat to many games like this one and get you started figuring out your game...well I hope so anyway!!

    Just a note..If you get a more recent game, the official website usually will show how the game is these two examples!!



    BTW, my Pachinko Dokkazan is probably my favorite pachinko!!

    PS, I don't really know if Space Adventure is really its name or when its any info on that stuff would be appreciated!!
    Here's a pic of what I think might be the name under the payout sticker..sorry for the bad pic!!
    Picture 114.jpg

    Also, what type of pachinkos are these called??

    ***Update...Its real name is Double Game and its from 1993 and is a kenrimono pachinko!!***

    BONUS!! 6 (not very good) Videos!!

    YouTube - Space Adventure Pachinko Stuff!!

    YouTube - Space Adventure Pachinko Bonus!!

    YouTube - Space Adventure Pachinko Spinner Thing!!

    Oops, what happens after playing through a fever without enough balls!!

    YouTube - Space Adventure Pachinko Alarm!!

    And 2 older ones..

    YouTube - Maruhon Space Adventure 1

    YouTube - Maruhon Space Adventure 2

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    Smile Re: Maruhon Space Adventure Play Guide!!

    Wow, thanks for the wonderful write up!!

    I particularly liked the step by step explanations complete with pics and arrows to show what is happening

    Always thought that type of pachinko to be really intriguing, more skill involved, but now I KNOW I want one!!

    no, I NEED one!!

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    Default Re: Maruhon Space Adventure Play Guide!!

    nice write up

    great help
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    Default Re: Maruhon Space Adventure Play Guide!!

    ダブルゲーム - Double Games

    Game Type - Kenrimono (kenri means "right/claim/privilege," and mono means "type")


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    Default Re: Maruhon Space Adventure Play Guide!!

    Any Ideas about when it might have come out??

    Why yes, I came out in '93!!
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    Default Re: Maruhon Double Game (kenrimono) Play Guide!!

    Thanks MrGneiss!

    That was great!

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    Default Re: Maruhon Double Game (kenrimono) Play Guide!!

    Apologies for the Necro on this post but I have the same machine (great post btw had no idea what I was doing until after I read this)

    I am wondering if anyone knows what the connectors on the back are for or if someone can translate. There are a few photos of the connectors on my G+ here: Mark “hypnotx” Barros - Google+

    TIA to anyone who can help out.

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    Default Re: Maruhon Double Game (kenrimono) Play Guide!!

    data counter and parlour connections

    have a quick read of this one, but might be different for a kenrimono rather than a digi pachi
    Draft FAQ (for comments) - Battle Counter Output Terminals.

    the white sticker says frame lamp,
    Ian #UKPachinko

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