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Thread: Mame Roms, XBOX Style.

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    Default Mame Roms, XBOX Style.

    I have heard that it it possible to play my Mame roms using XBOX hardware.

    Although I really dont think that I would be willing to give up my full sized machines, it would be nice to be able to play Donkey Kong Indoors.
    (My big machines stay in the garage)

    Does anyone know how this is done? Do I have to install a hardrive into an XBOX ?

    I ask because my neighbors had an XBOX for sale at a garage sale. Although, dont think i would play many XBOX games, I would be interested in running my ROMS.

    (P.S. Yeah, my roms are legit. I only play Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and a sit down super mario brothers)
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    Default Re: Mame Roms, XBOX Style.

    the black xbox had an 8 gig hard drive, I have one modded with over a hundred nintindo games on it. you can also download regular games on it, but they take up at least 3 gig or more.
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    Default Re: Mame Roms, XBOX Style.

    I bought a modded XBox from a local rummage sale. It has literally thousands of ROMs, including some very old (and newer) arcade games, Atari, Nintendo, Intellevision, etc. I've played a few and found myself having trouble with some of the controls, and I have to reset the machine to start a new one. Of course, I'm a complete newbie to this, so maybe there's a way to customize the controls to the game.

    I took a look at the bottom of the console, and it appears someone has been inside, so I'm guessing it's been hacked with a new hard drive.

    So yes, it is possible. I can't tell you how to do it, though.
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    Default Re: Mame Roms, XBOX Style.

    Yes it is posable. I bought a modded xbox with thousands of games. I bought mine from a modder named Kingme5000. The black and red one in this video is the one I own.
    YouTube - Custom Xboxs By KingMe5000 - rate+comment
    Go here to reach him.
    Modded Xbox With many Emulators Games Mods and xbmc $98 For Sale
    He like it when you have a question of making a sale off of ioffer, to use the youtube email. That way at ioffer, they dont get pissed off at losing there % of a sale.
    I did alot of looking around befor I picked him to make what I wanted. He is a collage student. So he makes these on the side. After you deside what you want, deside on the price. It takes him about 11/2-2 weeks to hand make them, befor you get it at your house. Its worth the wait to have some thing this nice. I realy like the one that I own. His comster service that he puts out is very top notch. I had a problem with the hard drive, and he told me to send it back to him, and he would install a new hard drive, reinstall every thing and send it back to me. All for free. He has been making these for 4 years or more. He knows what he is doing. Cant say enough about the guy and his modded xboxs. By the way, my xbox has a 750 hard drive in it. It has thousands and thousands of games installed. I can also go online with it, too. I could sit here and type for ever about the thing, but im going to stop and go play some xbox.

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