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Thread: What is it all about??? - Video

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    Angry What is it all about??? - Video

    Ive stumbled upon this Japanese video by accident...i think its talking about some kind of corruption in the Pachinko business...

    If someone could explain more - Please do.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: What is it all about??? - Video

    i have no idea what that was all about. the only word i got out of that is "pachinko"

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    Default Re: What is it all about??? - Video only translated part of the title to read Black Business.

    To me it looks like a new report on the Black Market practices of the Pachinko business. But, what I bet is really going on, is the government wasn't getting their 'fair share' from a particular Parlor owner and therefore conducted the raid and invited the media to come along. This way the could impress upon the other parlor owners the need to 'conform' to the government regulations.

    Just my guess.
    Rusty Key

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    Default Re: What is it all about??? - Video

    I didn't watch the full thing and I am not yet at the level at which I could provide an accurate summary... but it would seem that the following occured:

    The palour in question was shifting money and resources through illegal channels, certain machines were tampered with, and a fight broke out within the palour at some point in time. If you have any information concerning the whereabouts or use of the "black market" funds, please contact the local police office.

    I could be a bit off, but that seems to be the gist of it.
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