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Thread: Translation, Manual, something? anything?

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    Default Translation, Manual, something? anything?

    Hi all. My parents got themselves what we're told is a Hanabi 14 Pachislo game for Christmas. The company sent a manual and a key, but the manual describes 6 other models and not this one. They have figured out how to reset it and change the skill level, but not how to change the volume level or what any of the menus or on-screen instructions mean.

    I downloaded a "Pachislo Owner's Manual" from Stealth Home Amusement, and also "Pachislo Slot Secrets Manual 4.0" from C.M. Becker Enterprises but neither of these had any information regarding translating the menus, and their volume control instructions don't seem to apply to this machine.

    We'd like to get an owner's manual for THIS machine and we're happy to pay for it. Or if there are translations available, we'd happy to buy those. I've attached a picture of the machine. I'm sorry I don't have a model number -- this is all we have.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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    Default Re: Translation, Manual, something? anything?

    as far as volume, you will have to install volume controls as the built in 3 way switch is only loud, louder and ridiculous. Search volume controls for plenty of info on doing that. Also as far as menu translation goes try this:

    This is from an old post that I keep.
    hope it helps

    Guide Option ガイドオプション

    Guide Function ガイド機能

    Bonus Interval Information ボーナス間情報
    Slump Graph スランプグラフ
    Information About Prizes Won 入賞情報
    Personal Data Clear 個人データクリア
    Probability of Winning 当選確率
    Reel Arrangement リール配列
    Reach Patterns リーチ目

    Return 戻る

    Selection (left button): Cursor Movement 選択: カーンル移動
    Decision (right button): Change 決定: 変更 <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

    Your machine is the same cabinet as Beast Sapp and Sindbad Adventures which are very popular, so you can also search those machines for more info on yours.
    Hope this helps
    Welcome to Pachitalk.
    Also I have a play guide and record reviewer for Hanabi. I can e-mail it to you if you like. Just PM me your e-mail
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    Default Re: Translation, Manual, something anything

    Do you still have the guide for Hanbi that you can share?

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