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Thread: Any guides or information on older machine gameplay?

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    Default Any guides or information on older machine gameplay?

    I'm trying to figure out all the gameplay tricks in my Rhapsody machine, some things I
    understand, others I don't(number matching, how/why). I was wondering if anyone had a similar machine, or had seen generic instructions somewhere
    that might help me out. I've done the manual ball-drop method to try and figure out sequences, some
    I understand, others just happen and I'm not sure why.

    Also, is there a 'reset' switch for the bonus round over alarm sound in the cabinet?
    I would start pushing and pulling things but don't want to mess it up any.

    Thanks for any insights anyone might have!


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    You check out the manual in the Pachinko Lincs in the bottom in the main forum page. I added some Info sheets on older Machines.
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