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Thread: Differences in Versions of Same Machines?

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    Default Differences in Versions of Same Machines?

    Does there tend to be any difference in gameplay/videos/music/etc. between different versions of the same machine? For example, there are two versions of Mahjong Story, which I attached here. Aside from the art on the front (the hotter of which is of course the one no one has in stock) would there be any reason to "rebuy" the machine by getting the other version later? Or does it vary by machine? Every single time I see someone mention Hihouden anywhere it gets raved about, but I've never heard whether the Crea or Secret Treasure version is better, they're both the same, or what the difference is beyond the art on the front. Or worse yet, does it vary from machine to machine? I'd have a hard time believing that an Evangelion pachislo designed around Asuka could resemble one designed around Rei or Shinji, given how completely different the characters are. All help is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Differences in Versions of Same Machines?

    Of the machines I know, the only difference in versions is in the graphics. For example, all three versions of Aladdin Evolution have the same gameplay, etc, just different belly glass and art work. The same is true of the two versions of MuMu World DX and other pachislos with different graphic versions, but I don't know about Evangelion.

    I have both versions of Mahjong Story and both versions of Hihouden available and will get back to you on whether there are differences between them unless another member beats me to it.
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    Default Re: Differences in Versions of Same Machines?

    I am quite sure that the only thing different from one evangelion to another is the glass.

    on the pachinko side the different cell pictures have different payout percentages but still have all the same clips.


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