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Thread: Lumina Frame

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    Default Lumina Frame

    How does one go about finding out what cells fit into a lumina frame? Thanks for any info!

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    Default Re: Lumina Frame

    I found the link in less than a min. using the Pachitalk search
    幸運わんわん Luckydog or Yukiwanwan in Japanese

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    Default Re: Lumina Frame

    I found it in less than a minute, but took a little longer than Lucky to post:

    CRF Large Yamato 2
    CRF Star Wars
    CRF NEO powerful
    CRF Hot Water Unreasonable Travelogue
    CRF Bloom Field Beauty, hatch
    CRF Kagetu
    CRF Large Demon God
    CRF New Century I
    CRF Yoon Sona
    CRF Iijima Naoko's Casino Bisty
    CRF Takuro's Yoshida Summer Vacation Full
    CRF Treasure Boat
    CRF Marilyn
    CRF Flower Month
    CRF Tomorrow, Even If Original World
    CRF reckless driving king
    CRF positive and negative principles teacher
    CRF Milky Way railroad story
    CRF Julie the pinball
    CRF Indiana Jones
    CRF miracle carpet
    CRF New Century II ( [evuangerion]* Second impact )
    CRF Truth Three Hit & Miss
    CRF NEO powerful Zero
    CRF Super Stadium
    CRF Will village world
    CRF Streetcar Go 2
    CRF Vicky Chance
    CRF man one [gaki] leader
    CRF Matsuura sub- 弥
    CRF beauty and others island MF-T2
    CRF Shin Sangoku Musou

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    Default Re: Lumina Frame

    Thank you! I missed it somehow when I did a search...

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    Default Re: Lumina Frame

    from Daverob our pachi god

    Sankyo Lumina Frame - Game List * = Bisty

    September 2007 Patrush (* Lumina GT Frame)
    May 2007 Loony Tunes - Back In Action *
    May 2007 Fever 007
    April 2007 Fever Henna Ojisan
    March 2007 Fever Supremacy Lord
    February 2007 New Century Evangelion - Miracle *
    January 2007 Fever Captain Harlock
    December 2006 Fever Bobby and Dacho Travel the World
    November 2006 Mask of Zorro *
    November 2006 Fever Queen Zero
    October 2006 Fever Dokkan Rex
    September 2006 WINK *
    September 2006 Fever Chu-ra Island
    August 2006 Matsuura sub *
    July 2006 man one [gaki] leader *
    July 2006 Vicky Chance
    July 2006 Fever GO by Train! 2
    June 2006 Shimura World (Will Village World)
    June 2006 Fever Super Stadium
    May 2006 Mikuni hit and miss (Dynasty Warriors) *
    May 2006 Fever Powerful ZERO
    April 2006 Fever Indiana Jones
    March 2006 Fever Julie the Pinball
    February 2006 New Century Evangelion Second Impact *
    January 2006 Fever Gingatetsudo (Milky Way railroad story)
    December 2005 A****aga Arusa (There is a tomorrow, even if the original world) *
    December 2005 Fever Onmyoji (positive negative principles teacher)
    October 2005 Fever reckless driving king Ogawa Naoya
    October 2005 Marylin Monroe *
    October 2005 Miracle Carpet
    October 2005 Pochi Inside
    September 2005 Fever Kagetsu Gaiden
    August 2005 Fever Yoshida Takuro's summer vacation fullest capacity
    July 2005 Fever Yun Sona
    June 2005 Iijima Naoko's Casino *
    June 2005 Fever Takarabune (treasure boat)
    May 2005 Daimajin (Great Demon God) *
    April 2005 Fever Yukemuri Kikou (hot water unreasonable travelogue)
    March 2005 Fever Neo Powerful
    January 2005 You regard bloom field Tomomi, the hatch *
    January 2005 Fever Star Wars
    December 2004 New Century Evangelion *
    November 2004
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