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    Default Bang Bang Dash Promo Video

    Well since everyone has been talking about the Bang Bang Dash alot again since Tony got his, I figured I would let you guys/gals see the promo video that the company had on their website. It's pretty cool, and I love the way the announcer says "Bang Bang Dash".


    We've talked about this model in the past on many occasions. Do a search for bang bang dash and you will see many threads about it.
    This machine showed up for sale even less often than the Spin Luck and Dragon Dice. There may have been a shortage of them manufactured (my serial number is #6444) Maybe less than 10,000. Since it's a 2003 model it should be out of the parlors and available. So I believe that these just never made it over here in any large numbers.

    This is my personal opinion, or of the voices in my head, and are not meant to reflect the opinion of this board.

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